Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Little Old Lady from Michiana

My mom backed up into my car and did significant damage to my car. I was in my parents' house when I heard a bang. It sounded like someone had slammed a box of heavy plastic parts on the ground. Mom had pulled up a bit and was getting out of the car when I poked my head out the door to see what was up. She looked deeply embarrassed and distressed and could only manage to say, "sorry."

I called for a county mounty to come out and fill out a report. I thought I'd better cover myself for the insurance company. I also called Progressive to start the claims process. I wasn't too worried. The collision wasn't my fault and the agent I spoke to on the phone said that I would probably have the deductible waved as well as I had broad form coverage. Such coverage waves the the deductible when I am not at fault.

From what I could see, I knew that the front bumper, front right headlight, and passenger door would need to be worked on. My mom's car looked as if only her rear bumper was damaged. Since the wheel well was pushed back, I believed that it wouldn't be drivable as the wheel would rub up against the paneling.

My dad remarked about how easygoing I was with the whole thing. My only real irritation was having to spend time on getting this problem solved. It's the first time I've been in a collision (even if I wasn't really there.) I was actually concerned more for my mom. She got real quiet and when she said anything about it, it was over worries on how much repairs were going to cost and how her insurance rates were going to go up. I wish I could say that there wasn't anything to worry about but my anger isn't it one of them.

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