Sunday, June 25, 2017

Watching By Myself

Today was a beautiful day to attend the Pride Parade in Chicago. It may be the last one I will attend. If all goes well, I will be living in Florida by this time next year. The plan was to get together with a friend who was already in the city. Apparently, he had quite the night and was still asleep by the time I pulled into the city on the South Shore. It wasn’t until I was at the Addison stop by Wrigley that I got a hold of him on the phone. He said that he and some others were just leaving the hotel and that they were getting a bite to eat first.

The parade started at noon and I managed to get a decent spot underneath a tree. I wasn’t on the curb but I was elevated enough to see well. I waited there but about 30 minutes, I accepted that in all likelihood, I would be experiencing this alone. I finally got a text at 1:53. They had just gotten off at Belmont. I told them to stay put-to enjoy what was coming their way; most of it already passed me.

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