Monday, November 28, 2016

Gilmore Girls Viewing Party

Erin and I are friends that used to live together back when we were juniors in college. We got an apartment together. She got me watching one of her favorite shows: Gilmore Girls. At first I resisted but it grew on me and became one of my favorite shows. I'm nowhere near as much a fan as Erin was but when she told me that she was having a viewing party for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, I took her up on it.

If you haven't seen the show just stop now.

As you might have guessed, I was the only guy there but whatever. For over six hours we watched the four new episodes and when the fourth one was starting, I had some pretty irritated women on my hands. First of all everyone was #TeamJess and was upset that she was spending so much time with Logan. Personally, I was on #TeamWookie. Also, it looked like the show was heading for a split between Luke and Lorelai. Aaaaannndddd, where the hell was Sookie?!
The biggest shocker that everyone went on about was that at the very last moment of the show, Rory turns to Lorelai and reveals that she is pregnant. There were demands that this necessitated another season. To me it made a much better ending than what happened with the series. Quite frankly, I love that the Palladinos returned to produce these four episodes. And although there is a certain disturbing element to repeating the mistakes of your parents, there is a sort of parallel of sorts going on.  She's about to go on a similar journey as her mother. Logan is her version of Christopher. Jess is her version of Luke. I don't know why, but while they are up in arms, I'm leaning back in my chair, satisfied.

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