Thursday, March 03, 2016

Something about chickens... and roosting?

After years of using boogeyman issues, the Republicans seems to have distilled them into a real person: Donald Trump. The party's primary race is fascinating as Trump has been gone from being novel curiosity to panic-inducing threat. Watching both establishment and hard-core conservatives losing their minds over this guy has been amusing.

Trump has a plurality of support with the majority of republicans backing the other candidates. Sen. Cruz has made an appeal for those people to abandon those candidates and unite behind him. Basically if you feel "anyone-but-Trump" then Cruz is your man.

So let's say that Cruz takes on all the supporters of Rubio, Kasich, and of the candidates who have already dropped out. Cruz is poised to beat Trump at the party convention. Despite his earlier promise to the contrary, I think that Trump would make a run as an independent candidate. He'd see it as a stab in the back and would not have any reason to keep his word.

Which party's supporters are going to be siphoned off by Trump running as independent? Uh huh...

Pass the popcorn, Hillary.

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