Friday, March 25, 2016

Wonder Woman is With Me

IBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and I was not impressed. It’s hard to admit since I have wanted to see Batman and Superman together in a movie ever since I watched the Justice League cartoons. If Marvel could bring together comic book heroes in The Avengers, couldn’t DC do it too? As much as I was hyped about Batman and Superman, it was surprising that it was Wonder Woman was the one that I found the most interesting.

The movie starts out a year and a half after the events of Man of Steel. The people tend to either love Superman or fear him. Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis to see the death and destruction caused by Superman and General Zod’s fight. He sees Superman as a potential threat-an unstoppable being that he cannot control. Clark Kent/Superman is troubled by the fact that his heroic deeds also come with costs-often collateral damage. Lex Luthor decides to use Batman’s cynicism to engineer a showdown between the two heroes so that he can eliminate Superman.

Batman reminded me of the Dark Knight movies so there wasn’t really anything new to me about him. I’m not happy about the version of Superman that is tortured and conflicted. What I really wanted to see was more of Wonder Woman who, maybe, has ten minutes of screen time. Fortunately, she will be given her own movie next year.

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