Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Canada On My Mind

I've made a decision that I want to make a road trip to Canada this summer if I can find the money.

A few weeks ago as I was looking through some old computer files, I came across a copy of a story that I had saved. A series of books following this guy named Will Carter, who was largely based in Ottawa, had me captivated. It actually helped me along to calm myself in my coming out process. I ended up reading the entire series again, having completed the last book a couple days ago.

Also a couple days ago, as I was watching some YouTube videos on old 90s TV shows, I thought about Due South. It was about this RCMP constable that comes down to Chicago. It's a crime show as he teams up with an American detective but it is also comedic. I remember being drawn to the character of Benton Fraser because he was intelligent, kind, persistent,... and damn hot in that Red Serge uniform.

So with Canada on my mind, I think I should go. It has been a long time since I've been there. Not that I really visited it last time since it was only to hop across the border to get a better view of Niagara Falls. I've contacted two friends and asked them if they would like to come along. I figured we'd spend three full days. One at Niagara and Toronto. Second in Ottawa. Third in Montreal. I'd like to go further to Quebec City but I'm already intimidated enough driving in English Canada. I'm not too keen on driving through French Canada.

Cross your fingers for me. I hope that I will be able to do this.

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