Saturday, November 14, 2015

Terry and Dwight’s Wedding

Two of my coworkers got married this evening. They have been together for twenty years and have had a ceremony signifying their partnership. With the Obergefell decision from the Supreme Court this summer, marriage for same sex couples have become legal in Michigan and in the rest of the states.

When I entered the church, I wanted to use a lame joke and say that I wanted to sit on the groom’s side. I think that the ushers had anticipated and told me to sit on whichever side that I wanted.

The ceremony was largely similar to other Christian weddings that I have been to. The only notable difference was that both of them came walked down the outer isles to meet up in front.
Immediately after the ceremony, the reception was held at the same church. It was a really nice setup with some trippy lighting and good food. I enjoyed myself although I refused to dance much to my fellow coworkers’ disappointment. I can say that I wasn’t the only one that refused to dance!

I am very happy for them. Some day I hope that I will find my partner just as they have.
Dwight, Me, and Terry

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