Wednesday, September 30, 2015

iPhone 6s - I love you. I hate you.

Thanks UPS!
My iPhone 5s quickly became one of my favorite phones that I had ever owned when I bought it two years ago. As weird as it sounds, I was ready to ditch it the first chance I got had the iPhone 6 met hopes. When the 6 came out, I was excited for NFC and Apple Pay. What kept me from buying it, though, was that the camera was still stuck at 8 megapixels. Apple's offering wasn't enough to make me want to spend money on them... well at least on their iPhone. (Some of that money that I saved went on to buy my laptop.)

So this year for the iPhone 6s, Apple upped the camera to 12 MP and introduced some other features.  I got online and ordered one and was fortunate to be able to get one on launch day. So here are my thoughts:

The bump up from 8 MP to 12 MP is welcomed. I haven't noticed too much of a difference between this phone and the old one when it comes to the overall picture quality. Photos still look fantastic until we get into low light situations. 

Live Photos
Pictures taken with this mode on will also take video and audio capture along with a snapshot. It will make your pictures come alive! I think that most people will think that this is a gimmick. For the most part, they are right but I've already used this on little kids and pets and I welcome it. I may not be using it all the time, but it is an awesome choice to have.

3D Touch
Critics seem to think that this feature is more worthwhile than Live Photos. They may be right but in my experience, I have not used this very often. I'm already accustomed to doing certain actions the old way. Mostly, I've only been using the peek and pop when I am in iMessage and want to look at the picture attachments.

Apple Pay
This is pretty darn awesome. I love being able to pay for things with tap/hover of my phone. It's unfortunate that acceptance of these types of payments are not everywhere. Most notably, Wal-mart.

Storage Options
Apple offers 16, 64, and 128 Gb options when it comes to storage.  With 12 MP photos, 4k videos, and an OS that takes up lots of room, getting a 16 Gb phone is not a smart idea. I opted to spend the extra $100 and get the 64 Gb option.

6s or 6s Plus
I thought about getting the 6s Plus because of its use of OIS in the camera but also the bigger battery. However, I am always by power and OIS by itself wasn't enough. I opted instead, for a better form factor. The Plus is a little to big for my tastes.

While I love this phone, I also hate it. The design is rather horrible with the antenna lines and protruding camera module. Mostly I hate the price. I had to pay full price in order to keep my grandfathered unlimited data plan with Verizon.

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