Sunday, August 16, 2015

Courser and Gamrat - Karma's a Bitch

I had a real long blog post on a news story coming out of my home state of Michigan. Two social conservative state representatives have been caught having an affair. In a bizarre twist, one of them, Todd Courser, decided to plant a false flag story in which he was caught having sex with a male prostitute. According to audio recording of a conversation between him and a staffer, he had hoped that this story would make the real scandal tame in comparison. I held off on publishing the post because the story kept evolving day by day. Now I'm just kind of sick of it and would rather just make a short little post about it now.

State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat are now under pressure to resign for using their offices to cover up their affair. They have both so far declined to do so. Aside from getting 2/3 of the house to vote to expel them, the only thing that I am aware that would work would be to recall them but by the time that process is complete, it will be time for the next campaign season to start again anyways.

The two are pretty much ostracized from the party. Cindy Gamrat, for other reasons, has already been kicked out of caucus meetings. In a show of support, it has been said that Todd Courser has not been going to caucus meetings either. Even if we are stuck with them through this congress, I have to think that their respective constituents aren't going to be voting for them again. God knows they probably have egos big enough that they probably would try to run again. ...Well maybe just Todd.

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