Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Disruption in the Cosmic (Company) Order

The New Horizons probe made its closest pass to Pluto. For us who have grown up with nine planets, this marks the completion of the solar system family portrait. It is an amazing experience. We have never seen a clear shot of Pluto and now for the first time, the whole world can. A new world seen for the first time.

I entertained the thought that there may be something to astrology. As this new world was being revealed, there was some major upheavals at work. Carmen, one of our most beloved coworkers didn't show up for work. It took us a bit to realize that she wasn't there because we are not always at our desks but once we did, we got worried because it was so unlike her to miss work and not call in. My supervisor called and there wasn't an answer but a little while later he got a call from her. She quit. Just like that. I didn't even notice last night when she left that she had put her badge in the drawer and took her big tube of M&Ms with her. It was stunning when we were told. Apparently she claimed that it was personal issues and that it was nothing to do with us. We can only speculate as to what she meant by that. Within a couple hours, news had spread to the other buildings on campus. Jim, our IT guy, even called asking why he got a termination ticket for Carmen--as if someone was playing a joke on him. It is going to be tough until we can get some replacement help. I plenty of people that the company could hire two people and they still wouldn't be able to do as much as she did. It is such a mystery why she left so suddenly.

Most of the day was talking about Carmen and the various reasons why she might have left but to finally end it, we had two temps get into a verbal showdown that escalated to one of them threatening to kill the other. Of course, that kind of threat isn't going to be tolerated so one of them was immediately let go. I'm not sure if the other one is going to be there tomorrow.

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