Monday, June 01, 2015

I shouldn't dread going to bed because of work in the morning.

I try not to talk about work on here but I needed to vent some anxiety that I have been feeling for the past few weeks. I have been told that I will be moving into another position. I am cross trained for this position as I cover for the person that normally does the job and I am fine with that. I wouldn't want to do it full time however. So the person that I am replacing is moving to another position, I'm moving into theirs, someone is moving into mine (actually my job is going to be split amongst a number of people plus my replacement.) With all the personnel shuffling, we need to be doing some training. The problem is that all these plans are in flux, no one has moved anywhere, and no one is getting trained.

I've got my desk half packed up into boxes and they've been that way for the past two weeks. I'm ready to start unpacking and getting back to my normal routine but the manager that I am supposedly transferring under keeps saying that it's going to be soon. I freakin' hate the word "soon" now. My current supervisor says that he doesn't know what is happening and at least he's more honest with me. I think that we both would be happier if the hammer just falls on whichever side it's going to fall on and have this waiting game end. I'd be happier still if I can remain in the current position that I am in now. I know how to do my job well, efficiently, and fast and I think it is crazy that they want to move me.

Tomorrow I will be covering for two people plus doing my own job. I've got approval for OT but the idea that I am going to be spending a potential 12-13 hours at work for the next couple days has got me on edge.

I think that it is time to start looking.

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