Friday, June 05, 2015

A Prisoner's Briefcase

I've watched two episodes of CBS's new series The Briefcase. The show is about two families that receive a briefcase of $101,000. A sort of Prisoner's Dilemma is created. Each of the family is given the option of keeping all, some, or none of the money with the understanding that any money that they don't keep will go to the other needy family. The thing is that each family doesn't know that the other has been given the same opportunity.

Although I find the stories of theses families compelling, I can't shake this dirty feeling that comes over me while I watch. For the sake of our entertainment, families in need are put into the position where they need to make heart-wrenching decisions that can cause strife in their own families. What does one do when one spouse wants to give all the money aways while the other insists that the best thing to do is put their own needs ahead of others and keep the money?

I'm not sure if I will continue watching this.

h/t to CBS for posting this video on YouTube.

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