Saturday, May 30, 2015

Oh. This isn't going to work out like I thought.

I've been spending the past few hours getting acquainted with my new computer: a MacBook Pro. Although I have used Apple computers before in school, this is the first time I have owned one. While growing up, my dad would not even consider an Apple computer due to the price. A PC running Windows was more than adequate in his mind. I actually agree with him but since getting an iPod, and then an iPhone, I have been sucked (somewhat unwillingly) into the Apple ecosystem. I suppose the novelty of trying a different OS--and Windows 8 causing me to gag every time I see the UI--helps matters.

It's only been a few hours and so far there hasn't been much that has thrown me.  However one thing that I miss right off the bat is Windows Explorer and how it shows the file path. I'm not seeing that in Finder. There is something that serves the same purpose but if I use that, I loose the icon views and the ability to see pictures. Maybe there is a work around that I haven't discovered yet.

The biggest thing that I failed to think about was my music. Right now, my entire library of music is on my PC and accessible through iTunes. When I bought my first iPod, I consolidated my music files and threw them into iTunes. When I thought about getting a MacBook, I thought it would be great that I could use iTunes and sync my iPhone up with my mac.  Everything would be hunky dory because that's how good it is supposed to be in the Apple ecosystem. The thing that I just realized is that if I move my library onto my laptop, I will not be able to listen to my library on the PC which has awesome speakers.

If I keep the music on my PC, then I will still have to connect and sync my iPhone with it. If I put the music on my mac, then I will loose access to those great sounding Bose speakers that I have.  I wish I could put the library on an external hard drive and both computers would have access to it. Perhaps this is possible, I will have to do some research on it.

2015 Macbook Pro next to my 2003 Toshiba something or other.
Look how thin it is. Crazy that Apple has even thinner models.


Sooo-this-is-me said...

Hmmm, sounds complicated. Just the other day I was so proud of myself for finally being able to set the clock on my VCR and now they tell me there is no such thing as Blockbuster any more!

David said...

Hey! Talk about a blast from the past. How have you been doing?

Netflix. I believe that has made it to Canada. That'll bring you up to speed. ;)