Sunday, September 02, 2012

I Could Use Some Wisdom

I was skimming various wikipedia entries on Greek mythology and I noted Athena's involvement with Odysseus.  I got to thinking that if I were to have a patron god (or goddess), it would be Athena.  Mostly, it is due to her connections with wisdom, strategic warfare, and justice.  I asked my sister which god she would want and I had a hunch that she, too, would choose Athena.  Turns out I was right.

Apparently Athena was not with me today.  As I was pulling my clothes out from the dryer, I heard a clang from the floor.  I looked down and saw my iPod's plastic protective case.  My heart sank because that must have meant... you guessed it... I washed and dried my iPod.  It didn't take me long in digging to find this hot chunk of glass and metal.  I was sort of calm about it.  I wasn't angry, just sad, because I had bought the thing this past spring.  Also, it was my fault for not checking my pants pockets as thoroughly as I had.  $300 just went up in a puff of hot air I thought.

After a few hours, I tried turning it on and nothing happened.  A few hours after that I had the idea that maybe I should hook it up to the computer and see if anything happens.  I wasn't expecting much and when nothing happened, I wasn't surprised but then.... the apple logo appears and the amazing little POS booted up!  Aside from a dent along the bottom and some scratches on the metal panel, it seems completely fine.

Who's the god of luck?  I may have to switch.


Kapitano said...

Ah yes, laundry and electronics never mix. Maybe that's why washing machines go wrong all the time?

I once put a mobile phone through the wash twice in a row - after which it developed mood swings and only took calls when it felt like it. Another time I was dumb enough to put the only copy of some important data on a USB stick into the washing machine in my jeans.

But it's okay, because I was also dumb enough to forget to plug in the washing machine. I came back an hour later, panicking because I'd remembered where the stick was...and was embarrassed and pleased in equal measure to find a dead machine.

Sometimes two wrongs do make a right.

David said...

They do indeed. Your thing with the washing machine though, I've never unplugged a washing machine before unless it was broken. I don't think that would have been me. USB stick would be fried (or maybe not).