Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Fair!

You can't just go to fair only once!
Stacey and Logan
Believe me when I say that this kid is suffering from a family tradition.  :P
While walking near the commercial barns, we were approached by this cheery older lady.  She told us that the Romney bus was here and that we should go get our pictures taken with it and then we'd have a souvenir for when he was elected president.  Bless her for having such confidence.  I looked at Stacey with a raised eyebrow and thought, "whoa, is she talking to the wrong person."  No posing was done and Stacey maintained a building's length distance but I did manage to get a snapshot.  I could at least send it to my friend, Season, and rile her up some.  And I did.  :)

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