Sunday, September 09, 2012

Local Doesn't Know the Lake He Lives Next To.

This past Thursday was the last warm and sunny day forecasted for a while so I planned to go to the beach and squeeze it in just in case the warm weather didn't return.  On the night previous, I was talking to a local guy on the internet.  I hadn't been talking to him long but I mentioned that I was going swimming.  Quickly and slickly he asked if he could come along.  Now he hasn't given me any reason not to meet him.  No creepy vibes but pretty shameless I guess.  So I said fine and we made plans to meet up.

So Thursday arrives and he comes to my apartment.  We set off for the beach and he is clearly not prepared.  He doesn't have a towel which all good travelers know-you must never leave home without.  He's wearing sneakers and socks--not good for walking in sand.  We go anyways.  We get there and he says, "so this is a great lake?  Which one is it?"  I swear he had to have seen my jaw drop.  He's lived in the area for how long and he doesn't know what this big blue wet thing is?

Be warned locals... he works at one of the hospitals around here.  As for me, I'm sticking to the Lakeland system.  Just throwing that out there.

Bonus Points if you got the two book/movie references.  

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