Friday, January 13, 2012

You’re at Disney for Eff’s sake!

I’m back from a trip to Florida that started on Thursday, 12/15 and ended on Wednesday, 12/21.

Thursday night/Friday

On this trip was supposed to be my father, mother, Uncle Art and his daughter, Aunt Julie and her son and daughter.  My parents and I left with my uncle in two cars.  My aunt and her kids were feeling sick so they stayed behind for an extra day.  We left around 1930 but an hour later we had only traveled 15 miles because we needed to make a stop at Walmart for food and supplies.

Our travel time was supposed to be 20 hours but mostly because of directions snafu in Atlanta and an extended search near Robins AFB, Georgia for pecans, it turned out to be 27 hours.  That was excruciating let me tell you.


On this day we went to Hollywood Studios (I still call it MGM.)  We figured that we would start with the less popular park since Aunt Julie and company were, by then, still driving down.  Everyone was still tired and by 1600, Uncle Art and his daughter we ready to call it day.  We left with them to meet my Aunt who had by then just arrived.  We had dinner at the Sizzler and while the rest of the family attempted to catch up on some sleep, my parents and I headed back to MGM to see the Christmas decorations.

Uncle Art and Aunt Julie weren’t interested in going to Universal Studios opting to just sticking to Disney World.  It sounds sadder than it really is but I wanted to see the new Harry Potter addition at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.  So while we were at Universal, my aunt, uncle and their kids went Animal Kingdom.  Harry Potter was crowded.  Almost an hour to get into Olivander’s and an hour to get on the new Harry Potter ride.

I don’t know if there really is a difference but frozen Butter Beer tastes better than regular Butter Beer.  Pumpkin juice tastes great but for $6 a bottle, it really isn’t worth it.

If a wand is all you really want, there is a kiosk that sells wands.  That way you don’t have to wait to get into Olivander’s.

This day we all went to Epcot.  My parents and I arrived when the park opened.  While we waited for the rest of the family to show up we went to the more boring rides as I expected the kids to want to do the more exciting stuff.  Wow was I wrong!  All day the kids wanted to meet characters or browse the gift shops.  One of the kids was even given $50 to spend. I didn’t even have $50 to spend!  As I recall I was carrying exactly two nickels!
The Land Pavilion.  Gotta do the educational stuff too.

My friend from college, Mike, was participating in the CandlelightProcessional.  The wait for this event is extremely long but I was determined to attend.  I made it to the last show.  Trace Adkins was the guest speaker.  If you ever go to Epcot during Christmas, I highly suggest that you make time for this show.

Special kudos to the ASL interpreter.  We can hear music and for a little while I believed I could see it as well.
The rest of the family continued on as they didn’t want to attend.  I left them at the France Pavilion.  This guy pictured here makes me regret—just a bit—that I didn’t join them.  Ha!

I still ended the day highly irritated.  It seemed like a waste of the day as everyone could not make efficient use of time.

Sending Christmas Cards out from the Magic Kingdom
After such a horrible day at Epcot, I vowed that I wasn’t going to let anyone slow me down.  While we were waiting for everyone at the Magic Kingdom I told my parents that I would have to separate myself if the kids continued to do the character signing BS and shopping.  I suggested that maybe the best thing to do was to take James with me and go off on our own.  I’m not sure if someone said something to someone but when we all met up, they pretty much let me set the agenda. 
I dragged them all around the park.  I made judicious use of the Fastpass system and got us on almost all the rides.  I would have gotten everything done except the adults called it a night about 3 hours before the park was supposed to close.
Later on, through my parents, I found out that my aunt and uncle were thankful that I was able to get so much accomplished.  That’s right.  I don’t mess around at Disney!


Wednesday was my travel day back to Michigan as I had to be into work on that Thursday.  Everyone else stayed behind.  They still had Seaworld to do.  The flight wasn’t bad and I breezed through security like a pro.  Left around 1000 and got to South Bend just after 1500.  I was sad to be back.  Vacations may be stressful situations but I’ll take that stress over home any day.

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I have found may vacations to be more stressful than relaxing.