Thursday, December 29, 2011

Money Karma?

I am beginning to think that I suffer from some sort of bad money karma. Against my better judgement, I went to Florida for a vacation. The way I had budgeted it out, I would have, by tomorrow, enough money to pay off the debt I owe to my sister as well as catch up a little on my credit card debt.

A few days ago I started to experience some sensitivity in my teeth. Then last night it became excruciating. At one point I was bent over a towel, drooling out because it was too painful to close my mouth or swallow. I called off of work so I could go into the dentist's office first thing.

Turns out that I have a crack in a tooth that allowed bacteria to travel down into the jaw and start an infection. I will have to have a root canal done and a crown installed. I'm probably looking at $800 out of pocket or more.

I feel so fraked over right now and the Vicodin just isn't helping.

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