Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tron with Grandma

I’m back from a Thanksgiving evening at my aunt’s place with the extended family. It went pretty well. The turkey was tasty. No one said anything when I passed over the beets and coleslaw. The apple cider was flowing. To top off the night, I watched Tron Legacy with my grandma which I would not have imagined happening before today.

My sister is back in town. Her fiancé’s parents have apparently invited us over for lunch on Saturday. I’m a little nervous about going. It’s bad enough when my family tries to make small talk and ask about my life I’m not sure I want people who won’t even be my in-laws asking me about it. I just hope they focus on the happy couple and torture them with wedding suggestions.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna see the Muppets. Woo hoo!

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john said...

Sometimes I dread family gatherings because of the small talk and the questions about my life....other times I don't mind.