Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It’s…uh… an Emergency

I’m sitting here in my PJ pants and drinking some nice hot tea instead of being at work. A blizzard came through last night. Chicagoland was expecting two feet of snow. Looking outside my bedroom window, it doesn’t look like it but actually snowfall isn’t as important as the wind. I took the back roads home last night and they were already clogged up snow drifts.

The company that I worked for said that they would be closed if a state of emergency was declared. While a state of emergency wasn’t declared in the county where I work, a similar one (called a road emergency) was declared in the Michigan county where I live. That means the public is restricted from travel. It’s a good thing that the company did close for the day otherwise I would have had to make the choice of breaking the law to get to work or not. From what other friends have told me and what I see outside, it doesn’t seem all that bad. Again, I think the main issues all the snow drifting onto the roadways.

I’m totally fine staying in today and letting the work crews do their thang. I got myself a kettle ready for tea, some corned beef, and plenty of entertainment.

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