Thursday, February 03, 2011

I’m just asking for a world of hurt.

Last week my ear started to ache. Then it moved to my jaw. I figured out that I had a toothache. When I wiggled my last upper, right hand molar, a bit of it broke off. Freaked me out. The odd thing though was that the ache went away. Aside from a little irritation to the cheek from the jagged edges, I was fine. Still, I went to the dentist’s office today where I was given two options: a root canal or an extraction. But really my choices were to pay $800 or $150. Hmmm… guess which one I chose.

It’s a good thing that I took the entire day off from work as my tried and true way of dealing with pain is to sleep through it. I was out for most of the afternoon. Now I’m hungry and my body likes to mess with the brain because I want to have a steak not something “cold and soft.” Blech.

I head back in a week for a follow up but the bleeding has stopped and the pain—so far—hasn’t been that bad. I think I should be fine. But man, this could not come at a worse time when I’ve got my vehicle registration fees and auto insurance fees coming due soon.


Kapitano said...

First a broken leg, now teeth breaking? This is not a good trend.

I too have had bits falling off my teeth - canines in my case. The nice Irish dentist spent two hours fixing them - chatting breezily the whole time - but the pain hasn't gone away after nearly two months.

I'm pretty sure co-codomol isn't supposed to be a lifestyle.

David said...

^Yeah I don't get it. I've always had a good history with my teeth. Aside from the occasional cavity, until now, I only had impacted teeth that needed to be extracted.