Saturday, February 05, 2011

Chili Cheer

My friend Stacey is back in the area and she invited me to accompany her to Dowagiac for some chili tasting. A number of the local restaurants offered their own recipes up for public scrutiny. So with pen, paper, and ballot in hand we went around old downtown eating as much free chili as we could. While we were there, we saw some wood and ice carving done. Stacey also snagged herself a box of Girl Scout Cookies. (Thin mints, if you wanna know.)

All the offerings were noticeably different. I did my best to note the plusses and minuses and make loose judgments based on presentation, smell, use of ingredients, consistency, condition of the beans, spiciness, and overall taste. Additional points were considered based on unique ingredients, the offer of crackers, and… how big the samples were.

It was a good time and who doesn’t like free food?

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Stacey said...

to all of David's blogger friends... are puffy vest jackets seriously uncool? give it to me straight but I am still wearing mine (once I fix the hole)!