Saturday, January 01, 2011

Did they quit making full sized beds?

Wow, I didn't think I'd stay up so late last night. The kicker is that I didn't even leave the house. I guess I had to wait and ring in the New Year with the Alaskans. Ha! But going to bed at 0430 means not even waking up until noon. That's a couple hours later than I planned as I wanted to get to Mishawaka for the expected New Years sale. I had a JC Penny gift card to spend after all. Also, I would have wanted to get back before the Capital One Bowl game started. Well I left for the stores as soon as I saw the writing on the wall that State was going to wind up with their britches around their ankles and their asses red from a spanking.

When I left for college, my grandma gave me a large quilt blanket. It's heavy and I love it but it's all frayed around the edges and coming undone. It probably wouldn't withstand another wash so I think it is time for a new comforter.

The first stop was the JC Penny home store. It's probably one of the few stores in the area where I could expect a large selection. Of course the fact that I have gift card helps. But when I got there, I could not find anything in full size. It was nothing but Queen and King size. Oh there were a few full sized sets but they were located in the kids section with colors and patterns better suited for kids. I left and decided to try my luck online.

My second and last stop was at Meijer. I thought I would check out their bedding selection and it was the same story there.

So here's what I ordered online:

And yes, it's a full.