Saturday, November 27, 2010

4 Days < 2 Days

I hope that everyone who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving Day. Tomorrow is the last day of my four day weekend and it sure feels like this weekend has actually been shorter than normal. Crazy.

Having dinner with my family went well for the most part. The food was great. The turkey was fantastic—as my mom and sister would attest to (heh heh). Mom made lumpia and I had to fight the dog for the last pieces. The dog won. Photo albums were brought out and there was some fun with those.

I am beginning to hate one part of these family get togethers and that’s when someone tries to guilt me into going to church. I don’t go to church because my dad says that I’m an embarrassment to him because I don’t take communion. I don’t take communion because I am prohibited if I do not believe in the teachings of the synod. My grandma has already told me I’m going to hell. I wouldn’t put it past her and my aunt to suddenly show up at my door with the pastor in hand to try and save my soul.

Black Friday is non-event for me. I’ve never done my Christmas shopping this early in the year and I don’t intend to. Actually, this year, I’m not sure I even have the money to spend so it may just be Christmas cards only. Anyways, the idea of getting up so early on a day that I have off to go spend money, to me, is crazy. I’d rather fork over the extra 10-20% that I would have saved and go later. Then I won’t have to freeze my ass off, get pushed, shoved, or trampled on.

My sister and I did see the new Harry Potter movie that just came out. It wasn’t horrible but I think I could have waited until the second part comes out.

Then that brings me today and tomorrow which I will spend cleaning as I haven’t gotten around to that for a few weeks. I’ve run out of washcloths and socks and am two days from running out of undies.


Straight Guy said...

I discovered the workaround many years ago. Just buy your tickets to return on Saturday night.

I don't get folks who pester and prod and provoke about church. Do they really think that the negative attention will bring you closer? Do they really want you to see the light through a process of shame?

I saw an interesting study that proved that agnostics and atheists were generally much better educated about religion and Christianity than Christians themselves. take that to heart.

David said...

^I never really understand that either. Nothing they are doing is enticing me to go back.

As for the movie tickets, I would feel really bad about that considering what a bargain my local theater already is. $2.50 in the morning or $5.00 at night.

john said...

I had a great Thanksgiving.
Sounds like for the most part you did too...
And why do your aunts think you are going to hell?