Sunday, October 31, 2010

What am I gonna do with this?

Last night, or Devil’s Night, the town that I live in had trick or treating. I bought four bags of candy bars in prep. They were the kind of candies that I preferred when I was a kid. If I had gotten those cheap candies, I would have felt like a douche. Now I live in an apartment complex and there are 36 of us facing into a courtyard--easy pickings for kids. Unfortunately for them and my BMI, not one kid showed up to my door.

Later in the evening I headed over to a Halloween party. Started off with Michigan-Penn State game and running into some old classmates. It’s sick but I kinda get a kick out of interacting with them and talking about other classmates when they don’t even remember who I am.

Here I am with the Queen of Hearts. It’s too bad I don’t have a better picture as her costume is top notch.


Kristel said...

You can send the Kit Kats my way ;)

David said...


Kit Kats? What Kit Kats?