Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I just had put away my summer shorts. Now it’s warm and again and I’ve got to drag them back out. Believe me, that’s not a complaint!

As I put the shorts away, I went shopping for some thermal underwear. There harder to find than I thought. Meijer didn’t have any. (They don’t have much of anything for men.) Then I tried the tractor and supply store and they had plenty of thermal outerwear but not what I was looking for. I checked out Dick’s and they did have some—for $30 a piece. No way. Even though the Wal-mart website said that my local store didn’t carry them, it turns out it does for $6 a piece.

…Yeah, you’re not gonna see a picture of that.

Since I mentioned Walmart, I have just recently found out the term for a group of people that I look down upon: University of Michigan fans that have no connection whatsoever to the school. They’re called Walmart Wolverines. Check this out:

h/t to Forgazi for putting up (and creating?) this video.

That was a parody for the Pure Michigan ads that have been running for the past few years. If I remember right, there was an article that came out that said the money spent on these ads have been a good investment. That is, if you can say the tourism money that came to this state really is because of ads? Who really knows how much of it was would have ended up here anyways. But in any event, I do like the campaign.

Only days away to the elections and the races are tightening and the ads are maddening. I’ve got Jackie Walorski ads popping up not only on the TV and radio but also on facebook and YouTube. Ugh. I don’t even live in the district she’s running for. It's not just her, but I'm gonna be glad when the campaign season ends.

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