Saturday, June 05, 2010

Finding a place to live, how hard can it be?

I have submitted an application for low income housing but the waiting list is six months long. I suppose for the application fee, it’s worth the gamble that an available spot might open up within a month or two. I started a broader search and there really isn’t much in my price range but there a few.

Going on to the various apartment hunting websites, most of the listings are in South Bend. I found two places offering studios in my price range. The neighborhoods don’t look too bad either. They’re buried inside the city with no easy way to get to work or my parents. …And, God, I don’t want to be a Hoosier.

There are two places nearby in Michigan that I really like. In fact, when I’ll be inquiring about one of them first. It’s a studio. The setup is nice and the price is just right and—hello indoor pool! I’ll have to put in a time-off request at work so I can check this and other places when their offices are open. Sometimes having a 9-5 job is damn inconvenient!

Cross your fingers for me that there are available spaces.


Stacey said...

i'll be crossing them! how about the apartments out by us in Niles..? and does this mean your promotion is looking good?

Stacey said...
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David said...

There are three complexes that I'm looking at. Two are in Bucktown. The one I'm hoping for is the one on the western side of town near the cemetery. As for Niles, the one that I saw was the complex by the train station. I don't want to go there but will if I have to. As for the "promotion," I should be hearing back on that some time this week.

john said...

Crossing my fingers buddy!