Saturday, February 06, 2010

But I’ve got nothing on Imelda.

I probably could have done more important things this afternoon. Instead, I spent a good part of it cleaning and shining my shoes. While I was growing up, I only had two pairs of shoes at any one time. After all, my dad said that I only needed “regular” shoes and “church” shoes—sneakers and a more formal looking deck shoe usually. After pulling out what I had from my closet, I have 11 pairs of shoes. 9 are shown here:
The two not listed are my combat boots (I can’t remember where I put those) and my flip flops which have been put away until summer. Not counted are my sandals. Ever since I caught my dad borrowing them a couple summers ago, I have not touched them. To me, shoes are not articles of clothing that you share. I’m all for borrowing pairs of pants or shirts but shoes, socks, and underwear are big no-nos.

For a guy, I think that I do have quite a number of shoes. I looked up the question on and it said that the average man owns 3 pairs of shoes. Good grief, I own 11 and I still think I could use a few more.


Jen said...

I'm afraid to count how many pairs of shoes I have. A whole lot more than 11 that is for sure. Of course I am a woman and we are supposed to have lots of shoes. I agree completely that shoes should not be shared. I'd rather share underwear than shoes, and I don't want to share underwear but at least they can be washed completely.

benj said...

Skechers ba yung third from the kiwi? The one with the dragon artwork? I think I have that in black. hehe

David said...

@jen: Of all the stupid things that my mom normally tells me that I waste money on, shoes aren't one of them. She's just as guilty.

@Benj: There's no dragon artwork on those, but Sketchers does make a lot of shoes that are very similar.