Thursday, February 11, 2010

After almost a decade, I now know what that damn song's name is!

I think I was a sophomore in high school when my parents signed for internet access. Since we lived in the sticks, dial-up was the only offering. Still, the connection was good enough to allow us to listen to streaming radio from around the world. The audio quality wasn't the best but the variety in music was great. There isn't much variety on American radio, I can tell you that. One of my favorite stations was Radio Pilatus coming out of Switzerland. There was a particular song that I would hear from time to time. Obviously it must have been a hit and the more I heard it, the more I liked it. Eventually, I was able to record about 2/3 of the song. I was never able to find the information for the song so I could obtain a copy. It was in German (or at least Germanic). I kept that file thinking that one day I would come across someone who also knew the song or could listen to it and give me information. I tried a student studying German and even a student from Germany. Nothing. That is until today.

It occurred to me a couple days ago that I have had this German guy sitting in my contacts list and I never asked him about the song. Well here was a chance, and I was going to take it so I sent him the song file and by this morning, I had my answer. The song that I have liked for over ten years, clipped and with degraded audio, was So Bist Du by Oli. P. Check it out:

Hearing a higher-quality and complete version is kinda weird. I don't know how to properly describe it but it just wasn't the same song that was going through my head all this time. I still liked it, although I think the beginning could have been better. I'm finally glad to have my answer.

h/t to keira0tash for posting the vid.


Kristel said...

Finally! Yay!

Kapitano said...

He's even cute too :-).

I've had a few songs like that - though they usually turned out to be remixes of relatively pedestrian pop songs. Here's one that wasn't - though it is also German.

Heard it once on a late night request show, and manged to be recording it by accident, but didn't get the title.

Hearing something in relative hi-fi after years of lo-fi is...well, like hearing it on CD after years on cassette. A bit of a jolt. I've often been surprised at how a forgotten nugget of my childhood sounded as an mp3.