Saturday, December 12, 2009

What happens when you live in an area lacking in diversity.

This is the second year in a row that the post office has given me Kwanzaa stamps. For those not in the know Kwanzaa is a holiday that celebrates African culture. It was created in 1966 by Dr. Ronald “Maulana” Karenga and based around African harvest celebrations and meant to extol African culture. The post office include Kwanzaa in a set of holiday stamps that include series for secular holidays for all, Christmas for Christians, Hanukah for Jews, and Eid for Muslims. Personally, I think that the post office is trying to push off their low demand stamps onto people who will accept them. I guess there’s something about me that suggest that Kwanzaa stamps although I think that Eid might have hit closer.
Like I said last year, I don’t really mind. I only care insomuch that I wonder if the recipient would be offended. I know some staunch Christians that detest the secularization of the holiday and what they perceive as competition from other religions into Jesus’ birthmonth. But I pay more attention to the cards that I send out making sure that those staunch ones get their religious cards. Like most people, I think, I stick with the secular to secualrish cards and then tailor it to the individual with a short message. I think it works out just fine.


Kapitano said...

I've got a system. I wish Happy Hanukkah to everyone, unless they're jewish - then it's Happy Festival of Saturn.

If I get any pagan friends, I'll have to wish them Happy Pastafarian Holiday.

David said...

Maybe you should try out the Kwanzaa greeting.