Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yeah, they suck because God abandoned them.

I've been fed up with Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis for a long time. Not that I'm really complaining that the university is hanging on to him. I'm not exactly a fan of the Irish. I like them but I don't cheer them on unless they are playing Michigan or Purdue. Rumors are going around that Weis will be fired at the end of the season. Maybe if they're spanked by Pitts it'll be even sooner.

There was a minor article and unsurprisingly there were negative comments of the coach and ND. A lot of those comments, I thought, were reasonable. One I thought was ridiculous:
ND is not and will never be the same university that won all those games in past years. Not because of coaches or players. It's the university that has changed. It has lost it's grounding in God's word. That is the reason for it's failure. It was once great because it was good. It is now a liberal Politically Correct Program, not a university.
I really hate it when people try to infer that when things happen in this world, it is because of God. God is blessing you when good things happen (because you're good too) or he's cursing you when bad things happen (because you're behaving like the devil). It's like when that televangelist (I forget his name at the moment) blamed Hurricane Katrina because of America's sinful behavior. Or how about the Phelps clan thanking God for dead soldiers because of all the homos. If that were true, you'd think that God could have better aim and actually flooded the French Quarter instead, of you know--EVERYTHING ELSE. Or maybe God could actually strike down those queers with lighting bolts instead of straight soldiers being torn into by IEDs.

So hear that ND people? Behave yourself and God just might come down from the sky and help you win a game. I have it on good authority that he's an Irish fan.


Stacey said...

i love this post! it also annoys me how some people attribute everything to God and/or the devil.. like "he acts that way because he has demons" how bout.. he acts that way because he is stupid and shortsighted? or.. everything I have is because it was God's plan.. how bout, I have these things because I made some good decisions along the way. people just dont want to take ownership over their own lives i think

Kapitano said...

I really hate it when people try to infer that when things happen in this world, it is because of God.

Isn't that what most people's faith in god is for?

There's not much point in praying for whatever you think will make you happy...if you think the thing you're praying to isn't going to intervene in the world to give it to you.

In fact for most believers, the entire point of giving your life to him is that he'll reward you - and in this life, not the next one. He's like a mafia boss - big, scary, might crush you, demands your obedience...but he can make you rich and if he's in a good mood might destroy your enemies for you.

Anonymous Female said...

I feel sorry for God - he gets blamed for everything.

Despite what certain "men of God" clain, Katrina was not a devine judgement and AIDS is not heaven's way of ridding the world of homosexuals.

Too often "believers" project their own pettiness and prejudices onto God, i.e. I don't like _______ (gays, Democrats, people with green eyes, etc), therefore God must not like them either. They find a Bible verse they can twists to suit their bias, gather some like-minded people and proclaim themselves a moral majority.

My Bible says that the rain falls upon the just and the unjust alike, that time and chance happen to everyone. Like Stacey said, people need to grow up and take some responsibility for their own life.

Season said...

ok that article annoys me! I am a Big ND Fan. I like Charlie Weis! Lets be truthful here. ND is a hard college to get into. I Blame the college for the Football program. A coach can only coach so much then it is up to the team. Lets look at all the other top notch colleges. Their teams are not the greatest either and that is because the academics are too hard to also be a football star. ND is having their best season that they have had in a long time! They are good enough to beat every team they have played and will play. I think they have a chance against Pitt. They just have to play smart!

David said...

@Stacey: You and I are on the same wavelength here. Must be in God's plans.

@Kapitano: Yes.

@Anonymous Female: I don't feel sorry for him. He's a big guy he can take it.

@Season: I will grant you that I am not an analyst of football but let's be truthful here. ND still sucks! Weis has been given his time to build the team up with his own recruits and and their season can only be described as mediocre. Whether you want to blame the team players, athletic director, the offensive coordinator, mascot, whatever, something has got to change and the eyes are one Weis.