Sunday, November 15, 2009

Upgrade Complete


I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 last night. I had said before that I was going to wait until a Service Pack was issued before upgrading but my dad bought a upgrade bundle pack (Three upgrades for $150). Hmmm, I could either pay him the $50 for one of the copies he got or get my own later for $120. Didn’t really need to think about it.

There were some tech articles that I read that said that the upgrade could take a number of hours. One quoted up to 21 hours. I didn’t think it would take that long. I already knew that my hardware specs were more than adequate. Basically, if your computer was purchased with Vista, it’s good to go for Win 7. What I didn’t know was that since I’ve got a fair amount of shtuff on it, I didn’t know how that would affect the upgrade time. Counting the time it took me to back up my files, uninstall or disable incompatible programs, update the computer, and then reinstall programs, it took a little over five hours.

For anyone who has subscribed to Windows Live One Care, that is incompatible with Windows 7. So kiss it goodbye if you are going to upgrade. You’re going to have to buy new security software elsewhere. If you’re a cheapskate like me, Microsoft does have a free version called Microsoft Security Essentials. I installed it and I don’t have plans to buy security software.

My iTunes program was flagged as being incompatible. Well sorta. I had one site telling me that it was incompatible and to reinstall after upgrade. The actual upgrade program just told me to deauthorize my computer. I did and after the upgrade was complete, iTunes was working fine and all I to do was reauthorize.

Now that I’ve played with it for a while, I’m not that impressed with it. Don’t get me just wrong, I like it but when I see YouTubers practically having an orgasm over how great this new OS is, I think they're nuts. I very rarely had a problem with Vista and while I can see the improvements in Win 7, I don’t think $120 is worth it. Even the $50 that I paid is questionable (considering I could use that to go towards a new starter motor).

If you’re an XP holdout, it’s time to upgrade to Win 7. Uh… don’t upgrade-upgrade. Just buy a new computer.

If you’re a Vista user and it is working fine for you, I honestly think that your money could be best used elsewhere. $120 for an upgrade is just not worth it.

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