Friday, November 27, 2009

Soho Japanese Bistro


Remember those sushi rolls that we had the Taste of Heritage Square? When you come back, I would highly suggest that you and Kraig try out Soho, the Japanese Bistro that opened up. My sister and I went there for lunch during Black Friday and I was impressed.

From what I observed, there were three ways you could dine. There was a bar where a chef would create the sushi rolls on the line. There was also a Teppanyaki room just like they have at Hana Yori’s. Then there is the normal dining area. Inside, the d├ęcor is very nice with styled beams enclosing the dining area, a nice water sculpture and a ceiling of twinkling stars. The Teppanyaki room is a bit different and enclosed with paper walls.

The menu was limited and they seem to keep separate menus for lunch and dinner. The lunch prices seemed to be on the pricy side with dishes running around the $9-12 range. Adding a pop punches it up a couple dollars more. My sister said that this place was nice because it offered lunch specials. It suggests to me that this place may have more variety than other similar restaurants.

Most of what you’ll find on the menu is sushi. My sister ordered some kind of platter which was $9.
She seemed to like it.

I think I got the most expensive thing on the menu which is the Bento Box consisting of Teriyaki beef, tempura shrimp, sushi, and rice for $12. Both of our lunches came with miso soup. I thought the that shushi was delicious as was the teriyaki beef. The tempura shrimp was pretty good with the weak part being the fried rice which is damn hard to eat with chopsticks because they were so loose!
I think that this place is more of a place to have an eating experience than a place to fill up on food. It’s one of those places to take a date, or have a meal with friends. Eating goes by slowly—even more if you can’t handle chopsticks so there’s more time for conversation.


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Stacey said...

i feel proud to have a blog post addressed to me! this place sounds right up Kraig's alley.. we will have to do our best to get there.. maybe with you?

David said...

@Kris: I thought you liked it.

@Stacey: I wasn't sure if Kraig liked Japanese food but sure, I'd be up for it if you guys would like.

Stacey said...

kraig likes anything with nasty things in it like vegetables, eel, squid, he pretty much likes to eat anything and he really likes eatign with chopsticks! he actually taught me how