Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It’s One of Those Days

My little cousin is sick. I don’t know if it is swine flu which is going around, but I didn’t ask. Luckily I don’t have to clean up after little kids.

I’m still having mini-freakouts after an incident that occurred this morning. At my work, I’m authorized to make outside calls. I have to use an access code to do so. I don’t use it that often as the outside line is really only needed for one person who carries a cell phone. I haven’t had to use it in a while so I forgot if I was supposed to dial my access number and then the telephone number or if it was the other way around. To dial out, I have to punch 9. My access number starts with 1-1. See where this is going? Yes. I ended up calling 911.

As soon as I entered 9-1-1, the phone started to ring instead of beeping showing that it was accepting the rest of my code. With a loud “CRAP,” I punched the button to hang up but the thing still connected.


“Oh. I’m sorry. This wasn’t supposed to go through.”

“That’s…” blah blah blah- I was freaking out so bad I don’t even remember what was said before I was allowed to hang up.

Something that I discovered is that with South Bend, if you connect with an emergency operator, you can’t hang up. And it’s a good thing too because I certainly was trying and I only realized latter that if I did, they would have sent out a cop car to my work place. That would not have gone well with HR or the rest of my bosses.

And I’m still having mini-freakouts because, what if they are the types that fine people for placing non-emergency calls? Am I still going to get called in when they see that an emergency call was placed by me? Yeesh. At least my coworkers got a good laugh out of it.

I was going to write about someone else who was having a bad day but I forgot who it was. Hmm… oh well, must’ve not been important.

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Kristel said...

Ugh... I would do that too when I had to call out with 9 and the first two numbers of my friend's phone was 1-1... I'm sure the operator was pretty agravated after the third time -_-...