Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mid-Season Sci-Fi Break

I have picked up three shows this fall: The Cleveland Show, V, and Stargate Universe but I’m only going to focus on the last two. V and SGU are going on mid-season hiatus and I’m sad to see them go so soon after getting into them.

Stargate Universe started off frustratingly slow and I was about ready to give up on it until a few weeks ago when the episode, “Earth” aired. That episode held the door open for me until the next one, “Time” came up and sat me back down. While I still have some worries about this series, I do think that it is becoming more enjoyable. I look forward to seeing more character growth because, quite honestly, Eli Wallace (David Blue), is the only one that I have taken a liking to.

V has had me in its reptilian grip ever since the pilot. It’s a remake on the original mini-series but I find this one to be so much better. They’ve simplified the story a bit, especially in terms of the casting. The original, I found, was harder to follow (but then, I was really young when that one came out). Kudos to Morena Baccarin who plays the head Visitor, Anna. Her way of delivering an icy nice personality is superb and really creeps me out. I think that kind of infiltration was missed in the original series where everything is great but there’s just something that doesn’t quite add up.

SGU will be going on its break after next week’s episode. You can catch up with it on hulu. I’m not sure when it will be back up exactly. I heard the second quarter of 2010, so I’m thinking April-Mayish on Sci-fy. V has already aired its last episode and will return in March after the Winter Olympics. You can watch past episodes on


john said...

Some of these shows wonder why they lose audience when they suddenly go on break or hiatus...our attention spans are limited and therefore when something goes unseen for awhile, it's soon forgotten.

David said...

I agree but that's how it's always been for a lot of shows on Sci-fy at least. I'm thinking that the four episodes were meant as a feeler for how audiences would react to a regular series. After all, a sci-fi show on the regular networks is kinda a gamble. But there mixing in cop and medical drama, so it really any different than what is already offered?