Thursday, November 05, 2009

Came This Close to Another Blogger

Like I said previously, I don't blogroll every blog that I visit. There are actually a couple people around these parts that I do read. One of them is Mo. Now I have never seen any of these people, at least I'm not aware that I have but this evening I realized that I may have been standing next to Mo a number of days ago at the Niles Walmart. Normally, I use the self-check out lanes but I opted that time to use the regular checks stands toward the grocery end. He was there with another gentleman and I kept looking at him because he seemed familiar but at the time I couldn't place him. Now that I just checked out his site, it hit me--I had the opportunity to meet another blogger and I missed it. Okay, even if I did realize who it was, I might not have actually said anything. It would be cool to have someone come up to me and say that they read my blog. It would also be a tad horrifying because they would have me at a disadvantage. I dunno... it's just weird. Maybe next time though.

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