Sunday, October 25, 2009


There's a weight-loss competition going on at work. I'm on it and so is a coworker who did me a favor last week. She said that she would accept my thanks in the form of chocolate. I'm paying her back tomorrow with this. It's almost as wrong as fried Twinkies but I heard that chocolate covered potato chips were tasty.

UPDATE 26 Oct. 2009 @ 2235:

It's true. Chocolate covered potato chips are good. The coworker that I gave them to liked it. She knew I was sabotaging her (c'mon how could you not know that) so she tried to resist by passing them out. I took one chip and it was tasty. It made me want a coke, but it was good. So I've had a number of people asking me where they could get them. I should have kept my mouth shut. I could have been their supplier and made some money. *evil grin*


Kapitano said...

Could be the start of a calorie war. Watch out for deep fried pizza, whiteflour pasta with blue cheese carbonara...and extra large ice cream with tripple whipped cream and all the sprinkles in the universe.

Hmm. I'm hungry.

Stacey said...

omg... i will send you my address and you can send me a helping of all of those! you might as well use one of those post office flat rate boxes and send me two helpings

oh.. .and david, by Monday night.. I will have changed/updated posts on my blog for the last week or so.. i am also posting more of my fall pics, so check it out!

David said...

@Kaptiano: I would be the first casualty is such a war. I will eat almost anything fried... maybe even a pizza.

@Stacey: Aren't you supposed to be visiting here soon? I'll take you out to where I got 'em.

Stacey said...

I also want to eat everything Kapitano mentioned..! and no, I probably wont be home until Christmas