Saturday, August 22, 2009

Football With the Locals

There was a bit of exciting news that I saw today. Michigan State is setting up their future football seasons to regularly play either Western, Central, and Eastern every year beginning in 2011 for ten seasons. It’s not unusual to play one of these schools but they aren’t played regularly and they always come to Spartan Stadium. I always feel sorry for them. I mean, what team wants to take a beating at the start of their football season? That’s not to say that they don’t have a chance of beating State. Ask a Wolverine. Ah, forget it. Ask a Mountaineer. Quite honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising if, say, Western gave us a good pasting. I do think that this is a good thing for our schools and our state. If this series works out well maybe it will even be extended.


john said...

Wow, didn't hear that news. Will have to read up on it!! Have fun this season!!

David said...

I only saw it in the local rags: State News in East Lansing and from the Detroit Free Press. I'm not sure if it made the national news.

The University of Michigan has the same kind of informal relationship with those three schools as State does. No word if they are going to do the same or not. Probably not... those hoity toity bastards.