Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wait! Stop! Do you have any Choco Tacos?

Did any of you grow up in a place where ice cream trucks came by? You know, you'd hear a familiar tune and then only have moments to beg money off your parents and make a run outside before the ice cream man was gone? Yeah, I didn't.

First place I lived I was too young. The second place... well... I doubt the Germans allow their kids to have treats. For the third place I was locked away on an island and it wasn't open to the public. Fourth place had street vendors and even then, you were taking a health risk. The fifth place was too f'ing cold for ice cream. When I came to Michigan, I lived briefly with grandparents. It was then I got to experience the ice cream truck. It happened a few times until I moved to another neighborhood in the same town. I don't recall an ice cream truck ever going through that neighborhood. I suspect it was because we were too near to the unsavory segment of the populace.

I currently live on a country road. In country surroundings. Throw a rock from my bathroom window and you'll hit a corn field. So when I see this:
I'll make a post on it.

Damn that driver for 1.) annoying me with that incomplete tune and 2.) tempting me with frozen treats.


john said...

You should have treated yourself.

David said...

He may have been going slow, but I'd need him to go slower if I was to hobble on out there in time.

Kristel said...

There's one that goes through our apartment complex area. It's great seeing a bunch of college kids rushing out of their apartments to try and catch the ice cream man. :)

Stacey said...

not the choco tacos again!!!