Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stringed Shorts

My sister came back from the Cayman Islands, my dad went to go pick her up at O’Hare. I went along for the ride.

On the way through Indiana, we made sure to look out for any escaped convicts on the side of the road. Two out of three prisoners are still on the loose after escaping from the Michigan City Prison. One was caught at Chicago Mayor Daley’s summer house in Grand Beach. (Not the smartest move, there.)

As we passed by the tower formerly known as Sears, I saw the new observation platforms. These glass boxes jut out so that observers, paying a pretty penny, can step out over open air and see the ground below their feet. I’d definitely would like to try that and can’t imagine it being as scary as some people have said.

We also passed by Six Flags Great America. Dad said that they were going to close the park. I didn’t believe him. I thought that he was probably confusing the bankruptcy with closure. A quick search before making this post hasn’t come up with any results supporting his claims. Besides, I can’t imagine why, of all the Six Flags parks, they would choose to close the one servicing the Chicago and Midwest market. The closest and comparable competition that comes to my mind is over in Ohio with Cedar Point.

Our first stop was at my aunt and uncle's house. This is my biological aunt and is pretty much one of the few remaining links to my mother. Going to her house in some ways feels like going back to the Philippines. The only things that are missing are the trikes and Filipinos walking around. We dropped off a graduation gift for one of my cousins who graduated from high school and will be going to Western Illinois in the fall.

My sister brought rum cakes back from the Cayman Islands. They are damn delicious. I went online to their site and holy crap are they expensive to order. They may taste good but they aren’t that good.

Buying food at one of the Toll Road Oasis a frakkin’ rip off. At the McDonald’s there, four McDoubles and two medium drinks comes to about $12. Where I live, I could get TEN McDoubles and two LARGE drinks for that.


Stacey said...

it would be un-American to close down Six Flags Great America! i love that place.. so i hope it stays untrue

Kristel said...

Meals in the airports cost $7-$12. ><' Yeah, the rum cakes are awesome. It was about $18 for four of them. I think the larger ones are $21.

David said...

@Stacey: I think so too. Besides it helps keep the FIPs on their side of the Lake. :-P

@Kris: It's $150 for nine to get shipped. Insanity. I'm already thinking about making my own.

john said...

I'm hungry now!