Thursday, June 04, 2009

So Much to Not Care About

Wow, there are some good items to blog about. I thought about blogging on the following:
  • President Obama’s trip to the Middle East-Represents False Humility
  • North Korea Placing Two American Journalists on a Show Trial But Not Showing It
  • The North Korean Succession--Disney Lovers and Queers Need Not Apply
  • Air France Crash: An Example of Why I Hate Flying Over the Ocean
  • The Tiananmen Square Anniversary and China’s Own Way of Drawing Attention to it
  • Osama bin Laden Releases New Tape. Says Obama like Bush. I Guess He Doesn’t Watch Fox News.
  • PM Brown’s Government is Collapsing. Conservatives Licking Their Chops.
  • PM Harper: Surpluses=Bad Fiscal Management. Deficits=???
  • Protests Against Canadian Gov. General Eating Seal Heart. Wait--Are We Superior to Native Americans Now or Just When it Comes to Food?
  • Detroit Politician Cited For Public Sex. He Claims He Was Urinating. Who Says It Had to Be One or the Other?
But I don’t feel like it.

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Kapitano said...

You said all that needs to be said.