Sunday, June 28, 2009

$4 for this ice cream or for this car?

As I posted before, my sister was summoned for jury duty so she came down from Kzoo to fill out and mail her responce. While she was down here, she took me out to Dairy Queen for a nice treat. It's been a long time but that strawberry whatchamacallit tastes so... so good.

While driving back to the house I spotted an odd vehicle parked on a sidestreet. I had my sister drive around the block so that we could go by it and take a better look. I think that the owners decided to abandon the car as the plate is not longer there. Not that the authorties couldn't track it down using the VIN and registration. I suppose they figured that if they are going drop it off, they might as well color it up a bit.


john said...

I have no words to describe a car like that...

David said...

If you come up with one, just remember this is a kid friendly blog.

....Oh yeah, it really isn't.