Monday, June 29, 2009

3rd Time is NOT the Charm

I used to think that having a 9-5 work schedule would be cool but it does have a huge drawback: most businesses also work those hours. If I need see a doctor, I gotta miss work. If I need to get some cash from my credit union, I gotta miss work. At least with my 7-3 schedule I had a couple hours take care of business.

The ATM machine at my credit union ate my card. I have the PIN number hardwired into my brain and punching it in comes automatically. Getting other people how to punch in my PIN is hard because I don't remember my number. Since my sister was driving at the time I told her to enter XXVV. I thought it may have been miss keyed so we tried it again. Then we tried one more time with XXNN and then it ate it. I had to call them during work hours today and they said that they would mail it back to me.

I hope it gets back to me soon.

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