Sunday, May 17, 2009

“I hope our heaven lasts forever.”

This post is mostly for Stacey’s benefit.

Amanda’s wedding remarkably similar to her sister’s. There were a few differences. Amanda and Ed had longer scripture readings and more music playing. She also had a violinist. The wedding dresses were bluish similar to cyan. This color was also on the groomsmen and ushers’ vests, ties, and pocket squares. The men were dressed in black suits. The fathers of the bride and groom had on a redish color similar to magenta. Tracy had on his “pimp hat.” Little Noah was in black suit of his own. Uhhh… Aunt Sandy did the flowers again. Don’t ask me what the flowers were but they were big and bright. Aunt Sandy didn’t know how she was going to create bouquets with them but I didn’t think that they were odd so I suppose she did a good job.

* * *

My friends Amanda and Ed got married yesterday. You guys probably need a little back story. I’ve known Amanda since I was…oh… eleven years old. We used to live on the same block. I met Ed maybe a little over two years ago. He seemed intimidating at the time but he’s probably one of the nicest guys I know. I like him even though he was a DeVos supporter and is a Michigan fan.

It seems like forever for those two to finally get married. Now that they’ve finally got hitched, I’m kinda sad. Seriously, I almost shed a tear. They got married in Mandie’s hometown church. Since Ed is catholic, her priest and his conducted the ceremony. It was pretty ordinary I thought except that I thought that the wedding party was huge: seven groomsmen and seven of the other ones. I never got why anyone would need more than just a maid (or matron) of honor and a best man. But, you know, whatever, it’s not my wedding.
The reception was a little more subdued. I blame it on my leg. I chose to sat off to the side and back towards the emergency exit. Hey—if something went wrong, I was going to be the first one out plus it was better to keep my crutches out of the way there. Big plus and shocker: open bar! It was also depressing because I couldn’t take advantage of it unless someone got the drinks for me. I felt bad for making Justin spoon out and carry my dinner. I couldn’t ask someone to help me get tipsy. That’s just way too sad. Free drinks weren’t the only thing I had to skimp out on. Dancing was laughable. I didn’t notice when they cut the cake. Yet it was fun and I was glad to see Karl again even if he decided to sit on the other side of the room from me. (Punk.)

I’m pretty darn excited that they are moving down here from Grand Rapids.

This is what happens when everyone gets up to dance but me. I made the bird (yes, it's a bird!). Someone else made the skull and crossbones. I swear. ....Karen!


john said...

Ahh drinking at weddings is over-rated.

David said...

Free drinks is never overrated. Getting drunk and making an ass of yourself because of it... that's a different matter.

Stacey said...

thanks for the post! wish i coulda been there