Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Good Race


AMAZING RACE FANS (ahem... really just John P.) --- DON'T READ FURTHER!

Tammy and Victor won the Amazing Race and I'm glad it was them, although I'd be just as happy if Luke and... and... Luke's Mom had won. It's kind of funny to see all the Filipinos on PEX rejoicing. As if Tammy and Victor's Asian-ness is a credit to them--or something. I liked Tammy and Victor but not because they were Asian. Actually, I kind of hated in the beginning how they would play to the stereotype. I'm just glad the two girls didn't win it because they were acting so nasty to people when they got frustrated over the language barrier. Sometimes, I think I would have cheered if a couple of their taxi drivers pulled off the road and abandoned them.

*Sigh* Amost Winter seems so far away. But that's good because I have been looking forward to Construction for a long time.

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