Friday, May 01, 2009

Back to HQ

Today was my last day. Monday I will find myself back at the main building where the head offices are located. I’m not too happy about it as I am loosing quite a few… “benefits.” I’d name them but it would be just my luck that someone in the company would find this blog if I got into more specifics.

I’m mostly bummed about leaving a group of amazing coworkers. We operate together well. With some people, I can anticipate what they need before they know it themselves. From what I understand, I’m going to be shoved into a corner all by myself. That’s going to make for boring days considering up until a few hours ago, I sat next to or interacted heavily with a lovable grump, a sweet gullible gal, a sassy mother, and a singing supervisor.

Oh well. I guess I have to hope that it won’t be as miserable as I think it will be.

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