Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I sit in front of a screen all day but it isn’t a television screen.

When Battlestar Galactica ended a little while ago, I was left with nothing to watch from Monday to Friday. Okay, there is plenty to watch but nothing that I am particularly interested in with the exception of news which I primarily get from NBC Nightly and Fox*. I used to watch CSI on Thursdays but lost interest about two seasons back. Everything that I care to watch is actually jammed pack into Sunday night. It’s packed in so tightly that they overlap.

2000-2100: The Amazing Race (CBS)
2100-2200: Family Guy (FOX), American Dad (FOX), Desperate Housewives (ABC)
2200-2300: Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

That’s it. Oh, occasionally I will watch The Big Bang Theory (CBS) if I happen to stumble upon it after the news.

I did, though, make an effort to check out a new series that NBC came out with earlier this month. I’ve watched three episodes of Southland and I think that I have found a new series to get interested in. (BTW, damn you ABC for canceling Eli Stone!) At first I thought it was just another cop show. God knows we’ve got enough law enforcement shows out there but I was struck that this one was had enough of a difference to make me interested.

First, as the cast members have frequently said, it’s not a procedural show. There isn’t a crime that takes place and the episode(s) centers around it until it solved. I would say that it is more about how characters are being affected by the job or other outside forces. A few story arcs seem to have been placed in so far. One particular strand of interest, to me, is a girl breaking her affiliation with a gang and gravitating towards the police. I think she’s gonna die soon.

It’s odd but one thing I like is the cussing. Finally, we can see people talk like how it is done. The show is censored of course. I get that and I like it in a strange way because, while the show is produced knowing that it is going to be censored, the dialogue is still written believably. Plus, it doesn’t take a genius to know what they are saying anyways…

Sadly, I have to say, I don’t think that this show is going to make it but like all the others that I liked such Eli Stone (f’ing ABC), I keep hope.

h/t to Youtubers Southlandtv2009 & pitilesss

*Before you tree hugging libs jump up my ass, I also get my news in non-television form from NPR, BBC, and MSNBC on a daily basis. So you are well represented too. *blows raspberries*


TardisGirl said...

I also find very little I care to watch on television.

NBC and Fox? Strange combo for news. Don’t they just sort of cancel each other out?

BTW although I appreciate wood in all its forms, I’ve never actually cuddled a tree. :-)

David said...

With a few notable exceptions I think that NBC has a staff that that is pretty good about presenting the news. I don't consider NBC's tilt to outweigh FOX's which I watch because I like the punditry. I gave MSNBC's liberal line-up a try and I found that I could not subject myself to Matthews, Olbermann and Maddow. They're just not fun to watch. Really, I consider NPR to be the counterbalance to FOX and I find it more intellectually stimulating. That doesn't mean that I'm going to write them a check though. :-P

Mikey said...

I think Amazing Race is the best show on TV, not that BSG is done. You should check out Torchwood on BBCAmerica--it's a great sci-fi series that starts a new season soon. And I'm really entertained by The Mentalist.

David said...

^Thanks for the suggestions. I had a former blog buddy that sent me disks of Torchwood when it first came out in the UK. I was looking forward to a little more of Captain Jack but I never latched on to the series.

The Mentalist is good but that too has failed to hook me. I'll give it a few more tries.

Thanks for commenting too!