Friday, April 17, 2009

Polish this gem up!

Another blogger, Edro Edro, tuned me into an artist I never heard before. Please check out Matt Alber:

I haven't gotten around to listening to all the songs that he has available on his sites but based on what I've heard so far, I'm really digging him. If you like him too, please spread the word. Matt Alber is definitely someone I'd like to hear more material from.


Anonymous said...

I was so surprised, but the entire album is so beautiful. Its available on iTunes, and he has a FBook page if you are so inclined.
If you liked this one, check out his bigger hit, End of the World. GORGEOUS video:

David said...

^I've checked those out as well and I thought about linking to the "End of the World" video but other people beat me to it. I really like "Monarch" anyways and I thought I would highlight that.

Thanks for commenting!