Thursday, April 23, 2009

David Makes a Public Appearance!

Because I use the old-man walker, I avoid going out in public. Aside the necessary trips to the Doctor’s, lab, Walgreens, and gas station, I am only going back and forth from my job to home. I don’t really like the idea of people looking at me or, especially, kids pointing at me. I’ll save it for when I break out the crutches.

BUT, I did go out last night. I was planning to meet up with Stacey and Kraig. Stacey was going to let me borrow her crutches (and save me about $100) when she also asked if I wanted to go to the movies and see Earth which was premiering. I took her up on the offer and saw it with her, Val, and Adam.

So this movie, Earth is a big freakin’ rip-off. Hold on there, because I’m about to get even more confusing than I normally am. Anyways, the film is gorgeous and the fact that it’s narrated by James Earl Jones is just icing on the cake. The reason why it’s a rip off? I’ve seen it before! While they were showing the segment on the polar bear and her two cubs emerging out of the den, I thought to myself, “This looks familiar.” The segment with a Bird of Paradise doing its dance and fluffing itself out to look like a black and blue neon face sealed it for me. I had seen this before but I couldn’t remember exactly where. At first I thought it might be something I saw at Disney World. Eventually it came to me. It was from those Planet Earth episodes on the Discovery Channel. They took out bits of a documentary series, re-edited it, placed in new narration, and then repackaged it to be sold all over again. Despite the fact that I feel like I’ve been cheated out of $3.50, the film is great—the documentary, Planet Earth, is spectacular. I’d recommend watching that one. It is cheaper and better.


Stacey said...

i thought that i had seen a bunch of the same stuff before too... disney tricked me! well, at least they supposedly planted a tree for each of us since we bought a ticket on earth day....
oh.. and once again.. i am SO SO SO sorry that it was kind of a messed up evening since I got there late- but i am still glad that i got you out of your house
how are those crutches coming?

David said...

Nothing to be sorry about. The only consequence was you having to bring your food into the theater.

I haven't yet got the hang of crutches going fast. I'll be chucking the walker by the end of the week though. Plus I'm getting rid of the wheelchair too. Yippee!