Thursday, February 12, 2009

Only two hours to enjoy today.

This day sucked donkey balls. Chris texted me and asked me how my day was going. I couldn’t say that it was going great but at the same time, how could I bitch about work when others don’t even have a job? In a strange way that made me feel even worse. I feel bad to begin with and then I feel guilty because I should be a little more positive.

I got an unexpected (but not totally out of the blue) bill. Over $200. What a bummer.

And to top it off, I had to tackle some chores that needed to be done. At least it's all done with and I can relax for a little bit before I enjoy some sleep that I have been looking forward to.

I’ve got some problem solving to do for the next few days at least. I think I can manage however.

UPDATE 02/13

I don’t have any fears about Friday the 13th but this was one hell of a day. It’s one thing to cover for a person for a day or so. I get that sometimes there are things that happen in life that can’t be avoided but I am getting sick and tired of continually covering for others. One of the people that I have been covering has been fired and I was sent to another part of the complex to do her work—never mind that I’ve got my own stuff! Since there is a hiring freeze, I bet you all dollars to donuts that I will be moving and taking her job. I’m so darn frustrated of being yanked around.


Kapitano said...

This day sucked donkey balls

Try as I might, I can't think of a way to work that line into a song. It's a good line though.

I am getting sick and tired of continually covering for others

Sounds like you're getting to be invaluable - not that the boss would ever say it. If you're the one they automatically turn to when a shift needs covering, that sounds like job security.

Though maybe not job satisfaction.

David said...

^They don't have that expression in England?

I wish it would translate into job security but when every thing I do involves cutting corners so that I can get stuff done... it's worrisome.

Kapitano said...

I've heard people say it, but it's uncommon. Other variations are more common. In ascending order of vehemence:

* It sucks
* It sucks ass
* It sucks dog ass
* It sucks dog ass big time, or
* It sucks major dog ass